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A few words from our patients

About headaches:

"After years of waking up with headaches every day, after one appointment ... I woke up without a single headache. My migraines have decreased drastically! I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone who wants to be relieved of pain without taking medication upon medication. I have told everyone I know about it."

About weight loss:

“I love the ear seeds.  They really helped me with weight loss.  I remember talking with Meredith about cravings and she said, ‘I’ll give you an ear seed for cravings.’  Personally, I didn’t think it was going to work.  When I’m at home and I get a craving, there’s no stopping me.  I was sitting on the couch one night watching TV and got a craving.  I mashed the ear seed and the craving went totally away.”


Welcome to Acupuncture Shreveport, LLC, serving Shreveport-Bossier City, North Louisiana, East Texas and Southern Arkansas.  

Our clinic is located in the Line-Olive Building (aka Shreveport Surgery Center) at 745 Olive Street, Suite 212, Shreveport (southeast corner of Line Avenue and Olive Street).

Please call 318-459-9125 for an appointment or email us at for more information.


What to expect ...


During an acupuncture treatment your body and mind get very relaxed. You will probably sleep very well the next few nights after your treatment. What you may not notice, but which will nevertheless be happening, are the following:

--More endorphins will be circulating in your bloodstream, leading to an enhanced sense of well-being and a decrease in pain.
More immune cells will be circulating as well, making it easier for your body to defend itself against the constant onslaught of viral and bacterial invaders.
Your cells will be receiving more oxygen and vital nutrients because the relaxation that has occurred in your muscles allows better circulation and improved communication throughout your nervous system.


These are only a few of the physiological effects acupuncture is capable of producing, yet they alone would be quite powerful. Long-term changes take place gradually. After a few acupuncture treatments, especially when combined with herbal therapy, most people are amazed by the results.


With or without acupuncture, herbal consultation is available, as are acupressure, cupping, gua sha (manual therapy for pain relief), and microcurrent stimulation. Facial rejuvenation packages are also offered.

We've Expanded Our Clinic & Added a Second Acupuncturist

Our new clinic (just across the hall from our old one) houses twice the number of treatment rooms and a second acupuncturist, Kristy Lynn, who has joined Meredith Stewart's practice.  Please read all about Mrs. Lynn on our Bios page.

Acupuncture Shreveport continues to be open by appointment on Tuesdays through Saturdays and we have added new hours on Monday mornings. It is now possible to get appointments on a timely basis.  No more waiting lists at this time!

Staying Healthy with Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help prevent illness by building up the immune system with just a few needles inserted into key points along the body's energy pathways.

These points are known for strengthening the circulation of blood and energy and consolidating the outer defense layers of the skin and muscle (wei Qi) so that germs and viruses have difficulty entering through them.

Seasonal acupuncture treatments also serve to tonify inner organ systems and correct minor annoyances before they become serious.

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